Specialized Agile project management software

Based on the operational and scientific concepts of Agile approach

project management software with scrum

Features of Agile4Team

This software is implemented based on the main concepts of Agile(Scrum) to manage different projects

agile software features

Scrum consulting

To succeed in project management, it will definitely be very efficient to have a complete and practical knowledge of Scrum.

Teamwork consulting

Definitely, to get the desired result in Agile environments, you should team your experts in the best and most efficient way.

Organization structure consulting

In order to achieve the goals of the organization, you must use a suitable organizational structure and related to the Agile methodology

Project's architecture consulting

Based on the ability of the team members and the abilities and budget of an organization, you should implement the correct and relevant infrastructure for your projects.

Expert advice on software projects

From garlic to onion, acquire software project management and appropriate organizational and team structures to improve performance and speed of development

Agile4Team Guide

sprints in scrum

Sprints in Scrum

The periods of time in which agile team members work together to achieve a defined goal are called sprints. Choosing the duration of each sprint depends on many factors, including the team's experience, the market, the priority of backlogs, and other things, and it is suggested that this duration be shorter at the beginning of the team's work.

backlogs in scrum

Backlogs in Scrum

A complete list of features and their priority is defined in this section. The duty of the product owner is to manage these backlogs or the characteristics of the desired project. Remember that business priorities, the degree of difficulty of a backlog, marketing, customer needs, and many other factors influence the prioritization of these backlogs.

borads in scrum

Boards in Scrum

This section is one of the useful sections of Scrum management software and you can manage the development stages of a project, the stages of settling a backlog and even the matters related to the review meeting in this section based on your needs.

Frequently asked questions
  • What projects is this software used for?

    Scrum is not related to one area and you can use this smart platform and touch your success for any project you have.

  • Based on the type of consultation requested, which can be the concepts of Scrum, teaming, organizational and technical structures, our specialized consultants will be by your side to advance the work related to the project and solve these problems in specific meetings.

  • In the implementation of this software, it has been tried that even with a little knowledge of Scrum, you will be on the right track of the project, but the more expert you are in this field, the faster you will move.

  • To define a sprint, the most important parts that exist include its start and end time, and in order to establish a meaningful connection between the work done and the sprint, it is recommended to choose a relevant name. In the end, the team should have a common goal at the end of the sprint and the whole team should be committed to it.

  • One of the main pillars of the successful implementation of Scrum in different teams is having a related team structure. Usually, based on the type of project and the expertise of people, different teams are formed that have the least dependence on each other and can act in a self-managing manner. The extent of a project and the team members themselves have a great impact on the type of teaming.

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The best platform for implementing projects based on agile project management

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Teamwork; A platform for higher team participation Quality; Using current knowledge to produce software Innovation; Creating functional capabilities Operational; Implementation of projects

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